Moves | Future History of Bovisa

This project was developed for the Workshop “Future Stories for Present Change”

at Politecnico di Milano, Master Degree Communication Design, 2014/15.

Created by Elena Cabitza, Andrea Fossaluzza, Stefano Gaio, Alfredo Monzillo, Lidia Tomasuolo.

MOVES is a project about developing a future vision for the neighborhood of Bovisa, Milan (Italy) in the year 2055.

Relying on the field research, Bovisa is a neighborhood with a great potential, hidden behind a grey appearance.

So we envisioned a future neighborhood full of artists and a great passion for popular culture, in which every memory is kept really close to the inhabitants life, in terms of “vertical” architecture, in which high buildings have a different style for every level, and in the everyday life.

Since memory is so important for our vision of the future neighborhood, we gave voice to an old inhabitant’s dream, about setting a museum with his art works and his friends’: we envisioned a museum in which every inhabitant of the neighborhood can contribute keeping memory of the people with their related objects, as symbol of valueless popular artifact but precious for its history. This is a new Art Movement, that will be called “Growing Art”.