Racconti Post-industriali

"Format Digitali per il Racconto del Territorio Post-Industriale"

Digital Formats for the narration of post-industrial territory

Master Degree – Communication Design

Politecnico di Milano

a.a. 2015/2016

Author: Elena Cabitza

Supervisor: prof. Marco Quaggiotto


Through the analysis of new media and their interaction mechanisms, this thesis researches the best method to communicate a specific territory, and which language fits best its needs. The analyzed context is the post-industrial world: territories which for decades or centuries were deformed and overworked by the presence of pervasive industries, that after their closure, left behind deep economic and identity crisis among the local population. Sometimes the commitment from the institutions allows the territory to renew itself completely, enlightening the potential resources that give uniqueness to the land, bust most of the times there is a situation of complete abandoning, deterioration and indifference from the upstairs power, and even when the situation seems to go in the right direction, several times the institutional help does not reach the aim, leaving the territory in a stalemate situation.

Communication Design can help those lands to find again their identity, emphasizing the peculiarities through a narrative process which utilize the hybrid language of web-doc, and mixes it with other interactive modes that help create a deeper involvement for the user.

As a case study we can explore the situation of Sulcis Iglesiente, west-southern area of Sardinia island, in Italy: a land marked by contradictions, where majestic landscapes and pervasive oddments of industrial archeology coexist in the same field, where the inhabitants live in the small awareness of their cultural heritage, and tourism hardly finds a place in the local economy.

Exploring the Sulcis-Iglesiente’s situation we can identify a new communicative language, which will shape a new project applicable to other similar realities, with the ultimate goal of gathering, in one electronic platform, actions, stories, and ideas that can help all these lands to exit the isolation limbo and show their identity value.